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Tibia Redbot Pro has got the most functionalities from all other available programs. Besides that, we guarantee safety and quality. We test our bot before release, so you will never die when botting. For more information about functionality, please read Features.


Posted by Igor Maozao
You can check all the news and RedBot versions to all supported Tibia clients in our forums.


Below you can see some basic functionalities of Tibia Redbot Pro. There are many more functions, however listing them would take much time :-)

> Using RedBot Pro brings forth several benefits. It allows you to:

> Below is a list of some of RedBot's most notable features:


To use RedBot Pro you must purchase a license time of 1 month or 3 months.

You should buy the license using your forum's e-mail, this way you will be able to login using the same e-mail and password as you use in the forums.

You can pay using Paypal and PagSeguro(Only Brazil) for now.

Buy it now, click in the Images to be redirect to the right link:

Paypal - 1 month: It will be activated AUTOMATICALLY in the forum account that made the payment!

Brazil Only: Utilize um e-mail válido na hora da compra, pois sua key será enviada no mesmo após ser aprovada. Caso não receba a Key após o pagamento ser aprovado entre em contato conosco.

BCash - 1 mês:

Your key will be sent after the payment confirmation, so it can take some hours to be available. Payments using "Boleto" can take 24 to 48 hours to be aproved.


To download the program you should go to the forum to section Download. Please notice that you will need at least 30 days license to use Redbot Pro.

Contact us

Should you need to get in touch with us or require help or support, you may do so in one of the following ways:
If you have any questions, comments, technical difficulties or would like to learn how to use the bot, please join our forums to quickly find what you're looking for by performing a forum search or making a post in the right section.

If you have problems with your account after purchasing the bot, please contact us from your RedBot Pro account e-mail if possible at the privileged support e-mail. Remember to add this e-mail to your whitelist to receive a response.

Problems with your Hardware Finger-Print? You can reset it in this link.

Do you have a Redbot Pro key? You can activate it in this link. (Pagseguro ONLY)

Please do not spam the support e-mail ( If you send multiple messages about the same topic within 2-3 days you will be ignored. Don't spam. Send one e-mail from your account e-mail and wait patiently for a response since I will reply as soon as I can.

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